Ginger Mongiello • artist
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Ginger Mongiello's Artist's Statement

Most of my work is inspired by my perceptions of nature and music. I have studied music since I was very young, and I see it as the most direct language of rhythm, form, and color, expressing the phenomena of the natural world. Painting, works on paper, collage, and ceramics are the modalities I choose. Each of these seems to call out to the others for a fluid interplay of ideas... a dance of color, gesture, line, darkness, and light.

As in a musical improvisation, the initial marks set the piece in motion. The image emerges from the impulse and gesture of the hand and body - dancing to the complex textures of sound. Other elements layer themselves onto the surface. Dissonance and harmony appear, disappear, and reappear in new combinations. My role in this process is to bring this dance into view by stepping into it as a participant - feeling kinesthetically the pulse and direction of each piece. Immersion. Navigation. Emergence...the hand and body movements become the channels for bringing felt energy into form.